My parallel worlds

When I was young in the countryside, I was a naughty kid. When I say this, friends who know me won’t believe it, and I don’t believe it a little bit myself. But things are still in my memory, and I have not yet reached the age when I speak out of nothing.

The first thing is that I have played on the speed car. Specifically, I was waiting on the side of the road. I saw a car with a gripper behind it came and chased it from behind, grabbing the gripper, first as a swing, and then Climb up little by little, play for a while and then jump down. This is probably influenced by the movie “Railway Guerrillas”. But I think it must be because the car was driving slowly at that time. Otherwise, how could a child catch up and jump off! Moreover, why the driver can’t see it and don’t care, I really don’t remember.

The problem is that one day, I climbed up, played for a while and jumped down, then my body leaned back inertially, and my head banged like an egg on the wall, knocking on the road. Suddenly, I fainted. I don’t know how long, I woke up and walked home slowly. But that was the last time I played a speeding car, and I was scared.

The second naughty thing was that I was playing in the underground foundation of a construction site. Inside is scaffolding, drenched, and a lot of toads. I don’t remember if there is a steel frame. I don’t remember the details. Just remember the many iron nails on the wooden scaffolding shelf. Then one day, I was crawling around inside, and when I looked up, my head hit an iron nail, and there was a sharp pain and blood flowed. I covered my head with my hand and walked home, and remembered dazedly that my dad scolded me, but fortunately, he was a doctor who sterilized and bandaged me. Now that I think about it, the nail should not be pierced deep, otherwise it is impossible not to take me to the hospital. But thinking about it, I was frightened.

Another time, when I was fighting with a child, the child took out a knife and stabbed it in my leg. …. Today, I still have a scar on my leg.

These are evidence of injuries, and there have been many times when I was not injured but very dangerous. For example, many times when I go to a neighboring village to watch a movie, I have to walk by the side of a narrow canal, and this canal spans a river. There is a long distance between the canal and the river below. The river water is deep in some places and shallow in some places. The deep places can drown people, and if you fall in shallow places, you will definitely die. After watching the movie at night, I climbed up from this narrow channel with a few children in the dark night and sang songs.

Of course, when I was traveling in Europe, I saw ancient Roman aqueducts, and I often imagined these aqueducts that I walked through in my childhood as Roman aqueducts.

But I can’t remember clearly.

Another time, when I caught a fish in the water, there was no ground under my feet, and I fell into a dark ditch. Fortunately, I swam out with a few flops. But another neighbor child drowned in the river.

Later, I went to the city and played more exciting activities with my cousin and other children. We stood between the rails of the railway bridge, saw the train coming, and then slipped into the middle of the bridge under the rails, watching the train speeding overhead.

Then, then,…

In New Jersey, a couple of friends from California came to live for a few days and wanted to go to the Atlantic to gamble. I was driving on the Garden Highway in the middle of the night. I was a bit too tired and fell asleep. The car drove to the side of the road. The violent vibration made me wake up in my sleep… Since then, I have paid attention. But this happened once or twice…. Later, as long as I feel sleepy while driving, I will find a place to stop, sleep, rest, and then drive again。

I write these things to tell you: my relatives, my friends, I’m still alive. When you look at the vivid me and my vivid words, they are still real. I am the person you know.

However, I just live in this world, in this universe.

However, there are many other worlds, many other universes, they are parallel to this world, this universe.

In fact, when I was a child, I was in a coma the moment I jumped out of the car, half asleep and half awake. Then, the universe suddenly split into two. One of them, I woke up and walked home slowly. There is another world, where I never wake up. My parents and brothers lost me, and I have never experienced “reform and opening up”. My middle school classmates did not see me so well in exams. My college classmates did not meet me on campus, either. I haven’t seen you guys. . . The problem is, because of every incident of mine, I accidentally divided you into two parts, one in this, one in the other, different parallel universes. Sorry, I have separated you from yourself. I am very sorry that my carelessness caused such a consequence. Please accept my apology.

Of course, the only good thing about the parallel world may be about me and my female classmates. In another world, I got you and you got me.

However, I also know that in the distant future, when I was ninety, one hundred and twenty, and one hundred and eighty-nine, every time I left, another world appeared. . In a certain world, I am immortal. My friend, I also promise, because of my immortality, you, because of the entanglement with me, will never die. I separated you and yourself into different parallel universes and caused countless harms. This immortality can be counted as a kind of compensation. No matter what, in that world, we will never die. We have become immortals. Although I am very old, I am still mentally healthy. You and you, we are all healthy. I will sing you the following song:

When you are old, your hair is gray and sleepy

When you are old, you can’t walk anymore

Taking a nap by the fire, recalling youth

How many people have loved you, the hour of youth and joy

I adore your beauty, false or true

Only one person still loves your pious soul

Love the wrinkles on your old face

And my parents, there is such a universe, we will never be separated, I will always have you thinking about me, and I will always hold your hand.